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Tag Archives: Moms

An Ode to Nature

As a child, shoes were always optional. I wandered barefoot as often as I could get away with, splashing through welcoming post-rainfall puddles in the driveway and feeling the crisp grass between my toes in the front yard. Covering my feet felt unnaturally restrictive. They longed to be free, exploring …

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Post-Holiday Recovery: 6 Ways to Restore Your Energy

January is a month filled with potential. Can you feel it? Our motivations are high and our accountability even higher. Maybe this is the month you’re finally going to clean out your closet. Or maybe you’re going gluten-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, you-name-it-free. Whatever your intentions, the New Year is an invitation …

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8 Tips For Returning to the Workforce

Maybe you had children and left the workforce. Maybe you took some time off to care for an elderly parent. Maybe you decided to take a trip around the world. Or maybe, you went back to school to pursue a new career. Whatever the case, if you’ve been out of …

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