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Tag Archives: Book

Strengths Based Parenting

One of the things that really made me like this book was how it addressed how we so easily compare our first born kids to that of our friends. We often wonder why our baby isn’t sleeping through the night or is so fussy while our friend’s child sleeps like …

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What Great Parents Do

This book was written by Erica Reischer, Ph.D., and gives 75 strategies for raising great kids. I found this to be an absolute great resource and reference for all age groups. The book contains short chapters which makes it easy to read. It really got me thinking about how I …

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This Is Me

I loved reading this story, and my 8-year-old cousin was fascinated by it. The book starts out with a teacher talking to her class about where her ancestors are from and how they had to choose what they would pack to bring on their journey to America. She explains that …

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Bunnies Are a Lot Like You and Me

Many families with young children are often contemplating whether or not add a pet to their household. One of the biggest concerns when making the decision is if the children are old enough and will understand how important it is to care for another living creature. Bunnies Are a Lot …

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