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Party Rituals: Drinking is Still Common Among Today’s Teens, and So is Marijuana

Drug and alcohol trends among teens and young adults today are both familiar and different. Today’s high schoolers, middle schoolers and college students continue to use mind-altering substances that appealed to previous generations: alcohol, opiates, marijuana and hallucinogens. But now, we can add to the list vaping and prescription drug …

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Crash Course in Car Seats

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently revised its stance on an important car-seat safety practice. I want to get the word out on the change and also revisit car-seat rules and tips in general. Even seasoned parents can use a refresher from time to time. Tracy Whitman, program coordinator for …

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12 Children’s Books that Spark Creativity

From teaching basic shapes and colors to learning about famous artists and self-expression, these children’s books will encourage your child to think outside the box. “Little Artist Board Book” by Mudpuppy & Emily Kleinman Ages: Baby-3. This board book set is comprised of colorfully illustrated portraits of visual and performing …

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Meal Planning Basics

Wandering the grocery store aimlessly can cost you. Research says that consumers spend 40 percent more on impulse purchases when they shop without a list. And far too much of that food is probably wasted. The average American family throws out 25 percent of the food they purchase. For a …

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5 Ways to Get Kids Excited About STEM Learning

Many of the growing problems around the world, from famines and food insecurity to climate change and profound poverty, need the contributions of brilliant scientists, engineers, mathematicians and technologists. Encouraging children to explore skills and careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) can help build a better future. Whether …

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Hand, Foot and Mouth

Hand, foot and mouth disease is one of those illnesses that we’ve probably heard, but may not be sure what it really is. We just know we do NOT want it brought into our homes. So what is hand, foot and mouth?  Here, Dr. Julie King, from Pavilion Pediatrics at Green …

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