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Parenting a Perfectionist Child

Does your child erase and redo homework over and over again until it’s just right? Is anything less than 100 percent not good enough? Welcome to the world of perfectionism, where unrealistic expectations are daily and unrelenting. Perfectionists engage in frequent hypercritical self-talk, bringing themselves down and creating a whole …

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The Playground Workout

There are often two common reasons for people not working out: not enough time and not enough support. (Of course, money, lack of access to trainers or gyms, fear of failure and anxiety over body image are also factors.) It’s understandable, especially for busy parents. With kids and work, sometimes …

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The Unhealthy Truth About Women and Teens

As a health coach, you get to work with people every day to help guide and educate them on healthy emotional and physical behaviors. With this experience brings some eye-opening insight into the lifestyle similarities between certain individuals. So what is one of the most common observations in health coaching? …

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What’s in Your Lunchbox?

Packing school lunches has changed quite a bit over the recent decades. An acceptable lunch from the ‘70s — a ham and cheese sandwich on supermarket white bread, a bag of chips, a soda and a candy bar — has morphed into a challenge for today’s parents who want to …

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