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How I Learned to Tolerate ‘Frozen’

When my oldest daughter was born, and even before, I worried about princesses the way people worry about bedbugs. I was afraid that once they got into our lives, they would never leave and that the child would be obsessed by the celebration of wealth, beauty, privilege and the need …

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What to Do When Summer Boredom Hits

Whoever first penned the phrase, “the lazy days of summer” surely never had kids. Parents with young children are especially apt to be scratching their heads or on the couch in a fetal position, wondering how to manage the open, unconstructed stretch of time called summer. Even if you’ve successfully …

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Engaging Our Kids Outside the Home

By Kathryn Streeter Summer is greeting us with her cheerful grin, but parents who couldn’t come up for the air needed to plan for her grand entrance are not doing a happy dance. It looms instead like an epic black hole, begging for definition. Camp registration deadlines came and went …

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What to Do When Your Child Wants to Be an Influencer

Looking at the back-to-school pictures this past September, I noticed many included kids holding chalkboard signs with categories such as teacher’s name, grade year and favorite subject. The part that stuck out for me was under the headline “What do you want to be when you grow up?” A majority …

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Field of Greens: Tales of a Vegetarian

A little over two years ago, I became a vegetarian. I’d entertained the idea going meat-free before, but never for an extended period. As an animal lover, it grew increasingly important to me that I honor my values by what I consumed. It was a natural transition as I didn’t …

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Pregnancy Is Tough Work

We’ve been giving birth for centuries. Despite that, I am in awe every time I see a pregnant woman. I also think to myself how happy I am that it’s not me and that all of that is behind me. I did not love being pregnant. Not one minute of …

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